Your Video Says A Lot About You

If you’ve seen some of my tweets from the weekend, you know I was in Las Vegas for a tradeshow. Normally, I would have flown Southwest. This time, however, US Airways provided my transportation.

There were no major issues. We successfully took off and landed without incident in both places. Always a good thing.

But the safety video was pretty telling. For starters, it had to have been at least a decade old. iPods weren’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eye. The laptop was one of those old bulky things most people stopped using before the turn of the century. There was no acknowledgement of cell phones capable of operating in airplane mode. And to top it all off, the safety card on the video was an entirely different color from the one in the seatbacks.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that the airline’s safety video would be as old and outdated as its business model. Maybe that explains why it is struggling to stay afloat.

Here’s a hint, if what you show to all of your customers is tired and outdated, you’re not evolving and improving. Citing the cost of upgrades as an excuse for living that far in the past is lazy and inexcusable. And it says everything about the type of company you are.

Put your best foot forward to your customers. Show your best face at all times. When you start doing it in one area it’s contagious. And the rest of your business should follow suit. Start making those changes, US Airways, and there might be hope for you yet.

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