Find a Middle Ground

Many companies approach managing their brand in one of two ways. Some will take a conservative approach, wanting to stay true to the brand and not take too many, if any, risks. Others focus on shiny new objects, looking to use the latest and greatest or the next hot thing.

For a company’s long-term success, there needs to be a middle ground, a balance between staying true to the brand, while exploring new ways to communicate that consistent message. And the way to do that is to stay anchored while exploring. Yes, it sounds a bit contradictory or even oxymoronish (some might want to drop the oxy part).

But it works. Start by documenting, specifically, what your desired result is. Indentify how, what you are doing fits with the overall strategy. Write your central message, tone and key points on paper. Get agreement that it accurately reflects the brand.

Now, evaluate how you can use the shiny objects to achieve the desired results. If it’s not the right fit, don’t try to force it. You’ll just do more damage. Often, the really cool stuff isn’t going to work for your brand. And that is perfectly fine. If you really want to do something with it, make it a hobby. After you play with it for a while, you’ll either find an effective way to incorporate it, or you’ll see that it wouldn’t have worked in the first place.

Either way, you are staying true to the brand. And that is most important.

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