Viewing People through Your Own Lens

This is an odd follow up to my post from yesterday. I was commenting to a friend this week about how I found myself looking at people differently, based on the work I was doing. That work essentially gives me a new lens, a new perspective on how people interact and what type of customers they might be.

Some of it comes from an intimate knowledge of the industry. Some of it comes from a general sense of wonder.

I suppose that’s the way it’s supposed to be. It certainly is natural.

It is potentially fraught with problems, though. First, like I wrote about yesterday, you begin approaching everything with your own bias. Second, with that bias comes a prejudice, where you start assuming what the likely outcome is before your first interaction.

Beyond just learning more about the person on the other side of the conversation, you also need to be able to separate yourself from that lens, viewing things from an objective perspective. To see the situation as an outsider would, observing as if a fly on the wall.

If you were that fly, what would you think about the situation? Would what you see make sense? Would it be appropriate? Would it make you want to buy what you are selling?

Because here is the unfortunate reality, those flies are all around you, watching and listening.

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