Or Current Resident Too Generic

The real beauty of database marketing is that you can tailor your content to your customer. The effectiveness comes in having good data about those customers. Which is why addressing a promotional piece to “Joe Smith or Current Resident” doesn’t cut it.

For the company, finding that customer should be an act of desperation, begging the current resident for assistance in locating Joe. When the current resident helps, reward him with something that will make him a customer as well. Even if they can’t help, thank them for the effort.

But when “or Current Resident” is part of communication, you show that you care less about the customer and more about saying whatever you want to say or just making a sale. That’s not building loyalty.

And if you’re not focused on building loyalty, then why did you invest in a database marketing system to being with?

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  1. Agreed. I recently also posted about this poor practice:


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