Great Service Leads to Success

My family is in the midst of a move to Phoenix. Through this process, we have worked with a number of different people providing various services. Some much better than others. It’s easy to see, based on the quality of service received, who will be successful and who won’t.

First, let me start with the two real estate agents we used—one in New Orleans and the other in Phoenix. Each has a good understanding of their respective markets and gives what appears to be good advice to clients. Where they differed (greatly) was in their follow-up. One followed up at every turn, often calling as soon as she had something to tell us. The other, not so much. In fact, more often than not, we were calling looking for answers.

The agent that had hardwired the follow-up into activity is, by far, the more successful agent.

Next, comes my lawn guy. I have the misfortune to be allergic to most grasses. Cutting my grass tends to put me into a bit of a sinus coma. It’s not fun. So, we had a lawn guy in New Orleans take care of our yard. He had been doing it for us for the past few years normally was highly reliable. This year, proved to be a much different story. Weeks would go by without us seeing him. Other things he had promised—weeding our front garden and powerwashing the house and sidewalk—simply didn’t happen.

As we were showing the house and getting to crunch time (receiving and accepting offers on the house and going through the inspections and appraisal), he was nowhere to be found. The grass crept about ankle level, approaching mid-calf. I called him, and he promised to be out that day. Two days later, he still hadn’t shown or called back to say he wasn’t going to be there. I called again. Same thing. I called two more times before he showed up—after we’d made the sale.

My guess is that after the owners settle in, he’ll approach them about continuing to care for the yard. Since they saw how “well” he maintained it, I’ll bet they turn him down. Other neighbors probably won’t look to him for his services either.

I had similar experiences with other service providers, just with this one event.

Here’s the thing. When it comes to service, you need to go above and beyond. Keep people informed. Make certain that your work can speak for itself. Exceed people’s expectations.

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