Content as Perspective

For those of you that have been reading my posts regularly, you know that I have little tolerance for silly ads that lack content and that only those messages that get to the heart of the brand are worth sending. Something I’ve seen recently on HGTV (which is an iteration and longer form of a promotional style they and sister station Food Network have used for a few years) truly puts the content into perspective.

Through a series of 1 minute long short stories—generally three parts of one story told within an episode—the sponsor is able to show how it is able to fulfill a need. The ones I saw as I am writing this are from K-Mart, showing how its outdoor furniture can transform a blah backyard. I’m not a fan of K-Mart, but the spots are right on. Well done.

By taking the long-form approach, they address the problem and demonstrate how they can solve it. Brilliant! The nest step: Allow consumers to upload their pictures on your website and replace their old furniture and design with your offerings and give them a shopping list so they can get it either in person or online.

It works because it focuses on the content and the customers’ needs.

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