Paying Dues

There’s something to be said for paying your dues. It’s only right that we should have to go through all the same…um…stuff…that others have suffered before us. Much of the time.

When you’re building an organization, hoping to hire the best, you may not find the best senior-level people with all the industry-specific experience you might desire. And that is OK.

Some skills and experience work across the board, particularly in upper-level positions. Don’t be afraid to bring folks in from other industries that have the general experience you’re seeking. For them to be successful, they will want to gain at least some relevant direct experience with the product themselves. From a managerial perspective, though, what will be more important is gaining the experience through the people that actually do the job.

They will do a better job of managing how frontline staff see their job by understanding that perspective and will not come with their own direct prejudices and jaded views of the daily grind.

This is not to say that people moving up through the organization will not succeed in upper management roles. Many of them will. But by taking a broader view of the role’s needs, you expand your pool of potential employees to drive your business forward.

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