Creativity Is Evolutionary

My oldest daughter is an avid reader. In the latest book, she came across a new term for her—mortal ingenuity. We had her talk through what it most likely means. It reminded me of something one of my college English professors beat into our heads that rings true still. Creativity is not about making something that never existed before. Creativity takes an existing set of ideas and rearranges them in a new way or evolves them into something different.

Today’s social media, for example, are iterations of the social networks we had in high school with our party lines, cliques and notes in class.

But there’s good news! True creativity is inspired through what is all around us. It’s what we see that could be better. Or an idea that doesn’t work in its current incarnation. Or putting together other ideas that no one thought of before.

The effectiveness of that creativity depends on the form, function and content. Does it work? Is it attractive and easy to use? Does it fill a need or desire? Satisfy those issues, and you’ll find yourself on a successful path.

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