Knowing Your History versus Holding on to the Past

I had the opportunity to spend some time with one of my best friends from high school. We hadn’t seen each other in over ten years and spoken in about five. He still had family in the New Orleans area when Hurricane Katrina hit, and he told me about his grandfather having to give up his house, which was my old neighborhood. His grandfather had owned the house for 48 years.

At that point I was reminded that the longest I had ever lived in one place was the 16 years I spent in my parents house in that neighborhood. Outside of that, I hadn’t remained in the same place for more than about 5 years. That includes schools and jobs.

My friend commented that while he cherishes his memories, he has come to understand that home is where you are, not some physical location. His history has made him who he is today, and losing a physical manifestation of that history doesn’t really change that.

There is a brand management lesson in here, too. Understanding where you’ve been and knowing how you got to where you are today are key to mapping your future. Holding on to successes long past greatly inhibits your ability to innovate, evolve and grow.

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