Balancing Consistency with Innovation and Creativity

When you have a brand, the one thing customers look for is consistency. Even if it’s bad, the fact that it is consistent gives them comfort. Yet, too much consistency can feel like a rut. It can bring on a mean case of boredom.

You work with it day in and day out, and have even before most of your customers had their first experience with your brand. You produce a solid product that users have come to love. But a yawn highlights your excitement.

So you look to create something new. Be innovative. You’re going to break down walls. Start working on the craziest of ideas. Revolutionize whatever it is rattling around in your head.

That’s where the balancing act comes into play.

No matter how creative you want to be, unless it is keeping with your brand promise, you will create inconsistency and confusion, lessening your brand’s value. The only way it won’t is if your brand was failing before and you are redefining it.

So be innovative. Develop some of your hairbrained schemes. But before getting too far along, tailor it to fit within your brand and what it promises.

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