Review of “Just Enough Anxiety”

I had the opportunity to read Just Enough Anxiety by Robert H. Rosen while traveling last week. It’s a thought-provoking book and a must-read for anyone in or aspiring to enter the management ranks.

What I liked about it:

  • It forces you to look in the mirror and consider your own anxiety issues (especially those that you have avoided having diagnosed by a professional)
  • Rosen offers guidance on how to control your anxiety and work to reach that point when it is just enough

My dislikes in the book are mostly stylistic:

  • Rosen repeated the same examples throughout the book (after a while I simply stopped reading them, as he seemed to belabor his point)
  • The examples that he used tended to interrupt the flow too much
  • Rosen asserts that an organization’s human strategy should supersede all others; I disagree wholeheartedly; your human strategy should be an integral part of your overall strategy as a key part contributing to the whole

Some key quotes from the book:

  • “The success of great leaders is all about creating the right level of anxiety for growth and performance. It is their uncommon ability to create just enough tension—within themselves and their organizations—that unleashes the human energy that drives powerful leadership, accelerated growth, and winning companies.”
  • “The bottom line is that what you think is what you get.”
  • “Without a desire to resolve the incongruities of life, we would never develop, individually or spiritually.”
  • “But being a leader is tough. You have to modulate your own anxiety while alleviating the anxiety of the people around you. You need to turn healthy anxiety into a catalyst for growth—for yourself and your organization.”

Get this book. Read it. Write notes in it. And keep it close by at all times.

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