Our Own Bias

We have certain biases about what we do, the products we sell and the organizations we represent. It’s only natural. We get so involved in it because we live it every day. But we assume that since we feel or believe a certain way others should as well.

  • “This is such an important issue, everyone needs to pay attention.”
  • “Our product is the best on the market. People should be tripping over themselves to get it.”

Not everyone is going to view things the way you do. And that is OK. That’s what managing a brand and communicating a clear message is all about. Talk about the issue, product or organization. Discuss its benefits for your particular target audience. Share what it means to you. Now, bring it all together in a single statement.

  • “We craft world-class, award-winning products.”
  • “We help save lives.”
  • “We are dedicated to protecting your wealth.”
  • “We restore confidence.”

Use your bias to communicate the right message to the right audience.

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