Both Sides of Your Noggin

True success in brand management requires you to use both sides of your brain, often moving imperceptively from hard number analysis to creative conceptualization and everywhere in between. That’s because you must understand every aspect of your business, how all the pieces fit together and function as a whole.

It takes recognizing which investments will have a positive return versus those that are “really cool” with no payback. It’s seeing what is creative for creativity’s sake compared to what’s creative because it does exactly what you need it to do in a more effective (and preferably efficient) way.

It’s the ability to predict what the market expects next and how your competitors will respond to your moves. It’s establishing the long-range strategy, while managing the day-to-day execution.

In essence, when you are managing a brand, you are running a business. And if you find yourself lacking in a particular area, take the steps necessary to surround yourself with a team that complements your skill set.

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