Incomplete Execution

We are right in the middle of the 39th Annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Every year, for as long as I can remember, visitors have been subjected to the original banner advertising—an airplane circling the grounds with an ad attached to its tail. Normally, the ads are for area bars, encouraging people to continue partying at their establishment when the festivities end for the day around 7 PM.

On the opening day this year, first the first time I saw a banner ad for Pop-a-Lock (just to clarify: that doesn’t mean it’s the first time they advertised here, but it is the first time I recall seeing it). It is the perfect place to promote yourself. At an outdoor festival, when thousands of cars are parked in the surrounding neighborhoods, more than a few people are likely to lose their keys or lock them in the trunk.

My first thought upon seeing the beautifully made banner (most are pretty cheaply done) was the brilliance of the effort.

Then, I felt a deep sigh emerge.

For all of their brilliance and care in creating the banner, they failed to offer a way to contact them. No phone number, text number, e-mail or web address. Nothing.

The harder you make someone work to reach you, the less likely it is that they will even try.

If you have never experienced Jazz Fest, you should. The music is amazing, covering a wide spectrum of genres. Even more remarkable is the food, arts and crafts. You won’t find a better mix anywhere.

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One Response

  1. I appreciate the feedback.

    That was my banner you saw at Jazzfest. We have flown it in the New Orleans area about 8 times in the past year. The fact that no phone number or web-site address is on the banner reflects the fact that space is limited and our effort is aimed at getting the word out that we are a “FULL SERVICE LOCKSMITH” (not just a “Car Door Unlocking Company) and to increase brand awareness of our already well established brand. Most people in the New Orleans area are familiar with our brand, but most are not aware we are a FULL SERVICE LOCKSMITH. We have a two page display ad in the Yellow Pages, plus a banner ad on the internet so we are not hard to contact in the event you were locked out of your car at jazzfest. Accordingly, the intent of the banner was not meant to be an immediate call to action hence no phone number was deemed necessary at the time the banner was manufactured.

    With this said, you are one of several people who have commented that no phone number is on the ad.
    As a result, I am ordering another airplane banner with our 1-800-POPALOCK number on it. Believe it or not I did not have access to the 1 800 POPALOCK number when I had the banner made in 2006. If I had,
    then I simply could have put 1-800 in front of POPALOCK on the banner and we would probably would not be having this conversation.

    Again, thanks for the feedback and remember, if you ever need any kind of locksmithing, i.e. keys made, locks installed, safes cracked, etc. please remember


    Paul H. Sewall III
    POPALOCK – New Orleans & Baton Rouge

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