Profiling for Talent

In a meeting I had with a client yesterday, we discussed two different ways to drive his business forward. Through that discussion, we also identified a pretty good psychographic profile of his clients (he’s in the service industry).

The reason the profile works so well for him—even though it just sort of happened that way—was because he connects with that type of person much better than others.

We brought the discussion back around to building his business, in particular by adding staff. This was the crux of our earlier conversation. Should he go in one direction that would lead to higher revenue with aggressive producers in a shorter time horizon? Or should he go in another direction that took a longer-term approach, was more deliberate and focused on establishing a relationship?

The answer: it depends. To make that decision, he has to understand the sacrifices he would have to make in either scenario. He must consider how it will affect his brand and his ability to deliver on the brand promise. And he should enjoy the people he works with, if at all possible. We shouldn’t have to merely tolerate our co-workers.

So we are working on a psychographic profile for potential staff and putting together a scouting plan to find them. We’re turning his marketing approach for building a client base into a recruiting plan for employees.

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