The Image You Project

Driving down the road the other day, I noticed the sign pictured below. A few months back, Rouses, a local grocery chain acquired several Sav-A-Center stores in the metro area and surrounding region. The change has received mixed reviews, but that’s for another day.

Rouses Sign

My concern for them, though, is how they are portraying themselves with their signage. You can still see the scars of the previous owner through the new display, making it appear as a simple band-aid.

What’s worse, some may see it as the same old store with a new name. The Sav-A-Center stores struggled in the first two years after Hurricane Katrina, so its parent company, A&P, opted to exit the market and focus on its other stores.

By not making the transformation complete, Rouses fails to distance itself from the prior regime.

Instead of creating an image of a lasting change for the better, they are essentially telling us that anyone could have slapped a sign up there and run the store.

My top recommendation for them is fix the façade. Quickly.

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