A New Kind of Jungle

Last Thursday, my wife and I watched the premiere of Lipstick Jungle, based on the Candace Bushnell novel of the same name. We didn’t know much about it, but since we were big fans of Sex and the City, we figured we would give it a chance. I have to say, I am impressed. Not with the show (I hope it gets better), with the cross-promotions:

  • At commercial breaks, Maybelline offered tips to achieving the same looks seen on the show
  • Bonfire, the fashion magazine serving as a focus in the series, is a semi-real magazine online
  • They share the titles and artists of music featured in the episodes (though, they missed the opportunity to take that an easy step further with links either to the artists or a location to purchase the songs) at the website
  • Also at the site, they use the fashion featured on the three stars in collaboration with SeenON! (as have other shows)

NBC includes bios, recaps, communities, videos, widgets, wallpapers and various other “stuff” on the shows pages, as do its chief rivals CBS and ABC. A lot of what they are doing with Lipstick Jungle are not new. This time, though, they have gone deeper in establishing a solid partner with Maybelline to bring these elements together in both worlds–online and on TV. It is an effective way to send a consistent message in multiple arenas without being overly diluted.

Granted, these messages are about fashion. But those are important to a lot of viewers. And that is the point. NBC has a show providing its viewers something of greater value when they are not watching Lipstick Jungle. They have tried it with other shows, mostly confined to the NBC site. This time, advertisers and other sellers are in on the act.

From a branding perspective, Maybelline and SeenON! make for nice extensions. They found a match in a show that has a good chance at even moderate success, giving potential and existing customers new ways to interact with them. At the same time, NBC creates a connection with an audience it lost when Friends went off the air. It’s a great example of marketing integration.

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