Using Icons and Symbols

My daughters go through a fair amount of cereal, partial to the ones from General Mills. As I was throwing away an empty box of Honey Nut Cheerios, I noticed, for the first time, a series of symbols on the front and side of the box. At first glance, they gave me a pretty good indication of what the cereal maker was trying to tell me.


What’s better is that these symbols were strategically placed next to what must be important numbers on the nutrition label telling me why they’re important. The symbols act like a decoder.

Where they dropped the ball is online.  Once I went to their site, I had to dig around to find the symbols and learn more.  If they are going to be part of the message, they need more prominence everywhere.  Consumers need to recognize them everywhere.  They need to expect them whenever they interact with the brand.  Otherwise, it comes across as a one-off, half-hearted attempt at something.

Look at some of the key benefits of your brand that differentiate you from the others, even if it is slight. What are some icons or symbols you can use to bring those to your audience’s attention?  Where are all the places you can use them to immediately reinforce the message?

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