A Desire for Authenticity

Two nights ago, my wife and I attended a formal dinner for an organization to which we belong. Two of our table mates began discussing the TLC show “Miss America Reality Check”. Briefly, the show is about changing how women participate in the Miss America pageant by making it more real.

Our discussion shifted to a growing desire for authenticity – a move away from slickly-produced, overly-hyped things to stuff that is real and honest and attainable.

When you strip away the buzzwords, the gimmicks and the polished messages corporations and governments want you to hear and get to the truth, then you engage people on a whole new level. When we see your faults and imperfections, we can relate. Yes, we still want to aspire to be something more. But it is a journey we can take together when you stop trying to portray yourself as more than what you are and start a discussion of what is possible.

That is what filmmaker Nic Askew is creating at monday9am.tv (soon to become soulbiographies.com). And it seems to work. See a stunning example here.

Ask yourself: How authentic am I? How authentic is my organization? What’s real and what’s fake? Am I making promises I can never deliver?

And when you don’t deliver on that promise, are you prepared for the consequences?

Taking a hard look at what we are doing, and making the necessary changes, is difficult. And scary. But when we do it, the rewards are immense.

Give it a try.

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2 Responses

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