Bad Drivers Lead to Business Lesson

My friend is one of those people that likes constant control. Twice a week we travel together to the gym for a still-dark-outside workout. We tend to share driving duties, although I try to drive more often. It’s safer. This particular morning, he was at the helm.

He’s a good Catholic who attends daily mass. As we were headed back from the gym, he was rushing a bit, wanting to get home and back out to Church, and we found ourselves behind a pokey driver. He complained with a “C’mon!” and swerved around her. Once he sped past, quickly approaching our turn, another driver, apparently unsure of what he was doing, casually drifted into our way. Again a complaint with some additional verbiage.

He realized the irony of complaining about his fellow man while trying to get home, cleaned up and out to mass on time. He put his feelings to me this way, “All of it really comes down to two commandments – love God and love your neighbor. The difference is in the Testaments.”

According to him, following the Old Testament is a piece of cake. It’s easy (for most of us, at least) not to do wrong, like killing someone or stealing. It’s much harder to follow the New Testament, because you have to actually love the people around you, even if you don’t like what they are doing.

We joked about it some more, then it got me thinking. Doing the right thing really is hard work, especially in business. Maintaining your integrity and the organization’s credibility when you have quarterly numbers to meet challenges all of us. Making promises in your marketing that you can actually keep? We tend to stretch it. It’s human nature. But those who make the effort to consistently do what is right by their customers, their co-workers and all other stakeholders will reap the greatest rewards. Make realistic promises, then deliver.

My friend made it to mass on time. And the gospel was about the exact discussion we had in the car that morning.

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