The Ultimate Experience

The other day, I took my two oldest daughters to see The Water Horse. As the movie began, the opening shots gave us the feeling of a breeze blowing in our faces. In reality, we were sitting below the theater’s air vents. But it got me thinking that I wanted to smell the ocean and to feel more of a part of the scene.

It reminded me of Disney’s Philharmagic, where you feel immersed in the scene. While at the basest level it is a cartoon, it really is an experience. With some of the current and coming improvements in digital filming and deployment, there will be further opportunities for moviegoers to feel a though they are part of the action, a combination of sight, scent and sound. The studios and theaters that work together to make it happen will enjoy a distinct advantage over their competitors.

But we don’t necessarily need to wait for new technology for us to create great experiences for our consumers. Much like Philharmagic, what can you do to elevate your basic communication with your customers to an interactive experience? Apple has done a good job through its stores (see a great piece about Apple here). What about you? What is lacking? What can you do better?

How can we help?

By the way, we enjoyed the movie and would recommend it for pre-teens and up. My six-year-old was a little scared at some scenes.

Let me know your thoughts.

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